The Reproduction Facility of Greystone Veterinary Service offers a wide range of breeding services. In preparation for your breeding season, GVS offers both stallion and mare reproductive soundness exams and fertility evaluations and treatment. We are USDA approved for semen collection for international export, with the ability to freeze and store semen for shipping. The facility also offers a breeding area for stallion collection on premises. Artificial insemination or live cover is available at GVS, as well as embryo transfer services. Once your mare is ready to foal, GVS is also equipped with complete foaling services, with 24 hour cameras and monitoring. Our staff can then assist in imprinting and halter-breaking your new baby and starting them on a nutrition program that is most beneficial to their health in years to come.

Facility Services

Reproductive Soundness Exams

Fertility Evaluations

Semen collection, freezing, storing and shipping

Artificial insemination with fresh, shipped or frozen semen

Live cover

Embryo transfer

Foaling out

Imprinting and halter breaking

Mare and stallion packages

Cost of breeding package per cycle - $400.00.

Below is a summary of our mare and stallion packages, but please feel free to contact Dr. Newell with any specific questions.

The above fee covers the following services:

  • Lutalyse injection, if necessary
  • Intra-uterine culture and sensitivity
  • Intra-uterine cytology
  • All palpations
  • All diagnostic ultrasounds
  • All inseminations with cooled shipped semen
  • Evaluation of cooled shipped semen
  • HCG injection
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Fetal sexing

Additional charges that are not included in this breeding package are:

Any treatment needed to resolve existing uterine infections and/or abnormal uterine clearance during the estrus cycle.

Hospitalization fees: $30 per day flat
Because breeding mares with frozen semen is so time intensive, there is an added $100.00 fee to cover additional palpations, ultrasounds, and post-ovulatory volume uterine treatment.
A courier fee of $75.00 will be charged to transport Equitainers to or from the airport.

Services and charges as they relate to stallions for the current breeding season will be as follows: If your stallion will mount a phantom, the collection fee will be $125.00. Stallions that require multiple jumps to achieve ejaculation will be charged $5.00 per AV fill. Stallions that can only be collected off of a mare will be charged an additional $50.00. Shipping cooled semen to another location will cost $175.00. This fee includes: stallion collection, evaluation of semen, processing for transport and DOES NOT include shipping fees.